What is Collaborative Marriage Planning

Collaborative Marriage Planning is a way to develop the communication tools, skills and experience you need to manage conflicts, avoid disputes, and improve your chances for an durable, successful, and satisfying partnership.

Collaborative Marriage Planning provides a team of legal and marriage and family professionals, trained and equipped, to assist you define and better understand the nature and purpose of your relationship.  The team guides and supports as you build a Plan for how you will work, together and independently, to achieve your joint and individual goals. Collaborative Marriage Planning happens in a structured, but casual, environment in which you can develop greater awareness and sensitivity to each other’s communication style, needs, and triggers with the object of improving effective, positive, communication, especially in those naturally occurring areas of difference and conflict. With the guidance and assistance of the Collaborative Marriage Planning team knowledgeable about the legal


structure and rules regarding couples’ relationships, as well as understanding why and how relationships work or fail, you will arrive at a Plan and structure for your relationship that improves your prospects for long term success. Special attention is given to financial matters, covering saving, investment and joint management of financial opportunities and obligations, including joint and separate debt, as well as how the two of you can work collaboratively within the relationship rather than competitively. The Collaborative Marriage Planning process results in two reference documents for your continuing use, a Collaborative 3-5 year Marriage Plan, and a Partnership Agreement. The team can remain available throughout the marriage to assist you with future planning and management, as well as counseling when needed on the resolution of disputes and conflicts.